My Dental phobia ( based on a true story… main!!!). By DrWaich

Image-1.png31 years ago my dad took me to his “dentist friend” for  my  first dental checkup and necessary  dental work; I don’t remember what was treated that decisive day, but it included a a baby tooth extraction, no anesthesia, and plenty of tears, certainly one of the  most unforgettable experiences in my life . Years after, my sister insisted that she needed dental retainers, so they took me with her to the appointment and the dentist suggest that I should get retainer too.

vivi chiki
Me in 1982

The assistant took the “super nasty” impression that we still do some times (thank G/od for the new technology and the dental scans/printing to avoid that need) and I threw up all over  the dental chair.  I got the retainer and guess what?. I lost it the next day in  a fast food store when I remove it and live it on  a napkin. My dad was so frustrated that he never took me to the dentist again.

orthodontic Appliance

Years pass and I was ”ok”, until I was 15 y/o and I went to a school vacation overseas and had the worse pain of my life; all my friend where going to a trip in the desert and I was going to the dentist in a foreign country and  my last 300$  left for the rest my vacation.

old office fish tank

I had to go true a dental emergency, they start a root canal and they took all my money, the doctor was ok I just remember it was bold and it had a big fish tank in the waiting room, so provably  it wasn’t that bad, just that I had no more money

When I came back from my adventure, I was already in the last year of school it was 1997, and the real show it was about to begin when my dad took me to his new dentist, she was really nice and caring, but it was too late for me already, the level of anxiety I present every time I went to her it wasn’t normal any more, but I did not had an option, I needed 3 root canals, 13 cavities, I had a tooth in my palate that never came out, my wisdom teeth impacted and I needed braces.

overseas treep.PNG
school trip overseas

Every week my friend where going for extracurricular activities, like dancing, sports, party etc. and I was going almost every day to the dentist. To picture clearly the situation I want you to close your eyes and see me at 16 y/o lying down in a dental chair crying, not in a disturbance way, just all the time no matter what she was going to do that day, a pool of water in my ears (that what happen, when you cry, laying down, without been able to move, because someone have her hand in your mouth with a 5000 rpm machine drilling your teeth.

silver filling vs withe.

The Icing on the cake was, that it was so much work that my Dad and the dentist decide, that I could not had the withe fillings because they were very  “exclusive’ and I could not afford that, even when she finish one of the root canals she wanted to put a silver crown on my tooth, super shiny and ugly, and  I told her,   “NO way I am getting that in my mouth”, and I didn’t, 5 years ago I lost that tooth but I will talk about that latter….. you can read the hole story in the BLOG

to be continue….

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