Inmidiate implant

Last Thursday I did a case where the patient wanted a simple extraction, and also she was wonder if an intimidate tooth was an option, we suggest that if the conditions where appropriate, we will do an immediate implant placement, but if not we were going to bone-graft the roots for a future implant ,4 month later.


under local anesthesia we did  the procedure, removing the 3 roots of the upper first molar, living the surrounding bone intact and ready to receive a dental implant; ideal is to localize the implant in the bone  that its in the middle  of the roots ( the tooth septum), but the buccals roots were to short , so we decide to put it in the palatal root, the only inconvenience will be in the restorative part that we will see in about 4 to 6 month of oseointegration of the implant. no drilling was necessary after the extraction. implant selected was screw-vent implant from Zimmer Biomed. 4.7 by 11.5 mm.