Office Tech

1-Itero Element Intraoral scanner

2 years ago we acquire these magnificent equipment that aloud   us to take impressions of the teeth for crown and bridge, Invisalign and orthodontic appliance with out take nasty dental impressions.

2-Soft Tissue laser SOL

utilize on gum surgery, when the cavities go down the gum margin some times we use the laser so we can stop the bleeding, we also use it for Smile Design to achieve equal and symmetrical gum margins.

sol laser dr viviana waich

3- Oral Cancer Screaming Detection with Vels-cope

oral cancer dr waich 2oral cancer technology


4-Zoom Whitening Laser

zoom withening Dr. Waich Vivianawithening guide drWaichviviana

5- Single tooth Anesthesia ( electronic anesthesia)single tooth anesthesia DR Waich